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Books I've Edited

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Savory & Supernatural by Karen Healey
Bespoke & Bespelled by Karen Healey
Lotus Bloom and the Afro Revolution by Sherri Winston
spin me right round.jpg
iguana be a dragon.jpg
Secrets We Tell the Sea by
my second impression of you.jpg
perfect plan.jpg
hollow inside.jpg
once more with chutzpah.jpg
most clever girl.jpg
Planning Perfect by Haley Neil
dozens of dachshunds.jpg
Brighter Than the Moon by David Valdes
no one is alone.jpg
all we need.jpg
and they lived.jpg
be who you are
your life has been delayed.jpg
where butterflies fill the sky.jpg
extraordinary birds.jpg
space between lost and found.jpg
best worst summer.jpg
lets go abc.jpg
the multiplying mysteries of mount ten.jpg
after dark with roxie clark.jpg
the sheepover.jpg
wallace and grace owloween.jpg
the goodbye book.jpg
more than a princess.jpg
be who you are.jpg
ghost boys.jpg
dad by my side.jpg
president of the whole sixth grade.jpg
space taxi 4.jpg
the sweetest sound.jpg
i love you blankie.jpg
Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes
birdie's first day of school.jpg
the red pencil.jpg
sing and dance in your polka dot pants.jpg
towers falling.jpg
city shapes.jpg
Bang by Barry Lyga
teachers rock.jpg
summer color.jpg
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