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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements: About

I am a comfortable and dynamic public speaker and have been featured at numerous writers' conferences and other publishing events. I enjoy sitting on panels, giving presentations, and meeting one-on-one with writers and students.

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Recent Programs

What’s Your Big Story Idea? – What makes a manuscript rise to the top of the submissions pile? What makes editors snooze? Should you be following trends? Join me for an answer to the oft-asked question “What are the big houses looking for?” and a focus on recent books and book deals with one-of-a-kind, memorable, “Why didn’t I think of that?” story ideas that stand out from the pack. Inspire yourself to think bigger. 

Diving into the #Kidlit World Through Social Media – Whether you’re writing or illustrating picture books, working on your next novel, or polishing your first pitch, social media is a great way to connect with readers – not to mention agents, editors, librarians, booksellers, and new author and artist friends. How can posting, tweeting, tagging, and blogging – or even just observing – enrich your network, help you avoid faux pas, and keep you up on what’s abuzz? Learn how to take your social media savvy to the next level (or just where to begin!).

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Scholastic Art and Writing Awards jud

Judge, Spring 2024

NYU Graduate Publishing Capstone

Portfolio judge, December 2023


Speaking Engagements: Past Events

We Need Diverse Books mentorship program

Winter 2023

Columbia Publishing Course

Book Workshop Mentor, June 2022


Fall 2020 [cancelled]

SCBWI Long Island

Winter 2020

RWA Rosemary Writing Contest

Judge, Spring 2020

SCBWI Arizona

Fall 2019

Columbia Publishing Course

Book Workshop Evaluator, Summer 2019

SCBWI New Jersey

Summer 2019

RWA Rosemary Writers Contest

Judge, Spring 2019

Kidlit College Webinars


Various, 2016-2018

Surrey (Canada) International Writers Conference

Fall 2017

Book Passage Children's Book Weekend

Summer 2018

SCBWI Central California

Fall 2018

SCBWI New England

Spring 2018

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Judge, Spring 2018

Book Passage Children's Book Weekend

Summer 2017

SCBWI New England

Spring 2017

SCBWI Florida

Winter 2017

SCBWI Midsouth

Fall 2016

Nerdy Chicks Summer School


Summer 2016

Book Passage Children's Book Weekend

Summer 2016

SCBWI New England 

Spring 2016

SCBWI New Jersey

Fall 2015

SCBWI San Francisco South

Spring 2015


Spring 2015

SCBWI New Jersey

Summer 2014

Writers Digest Webinars



ASU Desert Nights, Rising Stars Conference

Winter 2014

SCBWI Western/Central Upstate New York

Fall 2013

ASU Desert Nights, Rising Stars Conference

Winter 2013

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