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Editorial Services

I have spent more than a decade editing books for a wide range of readers across formats and genres. Find out more about me and my books! I look forward to working together on your next project.

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Editorial Assessment

Before you dive deep into revisions, it's good to know whether you're on the right track!

I'll review your query letter and your complete picture book or the first fifteen pages of your novel and advise on market positioning, audience, editorial readiness, and whether your book is likely to stand out from the pack.


Developmental Editing

I love helping authors turn good books into great ones. I will closely review your full manuscript and send an editorial letter detailing notes on structure, pacing, characters, and overarching plot mechanics and balance.


For picture books, I am also able to review illustrations. 


Query Letter Review

I can advise on whether your pitch is doing what it needs to do before you send it out to agents.

Is it selling what's interesting about your story? Does it feel appropriate and appealing for your target genre? Are your comps and positioning on point?  How should you talk about yourself? Let's make sure you're headed in the right direction!


General Consulting 

Are you wondering how to even start pitching? Or how your book idea might fit the market? Maybe you've received editorial feedback but you're not sure how to interpret it.

I'm here to make the publishing world and process feel a little less opaque and give you professional context and guidance as you take your next steps.

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I am available for document editing, copywriting, proofreading, speechwriting, illustration portfolio review, website review, speaking engagements,

book club coordination,

grant editing, and more.

I am also open to full-time communications and editorial positions.


 Send me a message and we can chat!

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Contact me for rates, questions, and availability.

Thanks for submitting!

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